Condo Insurance

Looking to purchase a condo in the near future? It's important to know your insurance options when purchasing any piece of property, but it's even more valuable when buying a condo. Condo insurance policies should provide coverage for your personal belongings and protect you in case of damage to your specific unit. Our team at C & A Insurance LLC can help you get the best condo insurance policy for your personal needs. That way, you can relax in your new home knowing you and your belongings are protected.

Why should you insure your Connecticut condo?

Though state regulations don't require Connecticut condo owners to have personal property insurance for their units, there are several reasons why you'd want to invest in a condo insurance policy:

  • Condominium associations are required to have property and liability insurance, but these types of policies only cover the building (as originally built) and the complex's common areas. This means that your personal belongings and any improvements you made to your unit are at risk if there's damage to the building.
  • Many mortgage lenders require applicants to secure insurance to protect the owner's personal property as part of the sale. Condominium associations may also have similar requirements for individual unit owners.
  • You will most likely be responsible for repairs and maintenance for your unit, so skipping condo insurance leaves you vulnerable to paying for any damages out-of-pocket. This could get expensive very quickly!

C & A Insurance LLC has your condo covered

Our team of expert insurance agents are happy to assist you in the purchase of your condo. We serve residents throughout Connecticut and can help you find an insurance plan that fits your personal preferences. Learn more about our specific coverage options and individual polices by calling our office. You can also get started by using our free online tool to get a quote on your new condo insurance policy today!